Beginner-friendly Notion Daily Planner

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Have you just started your self-discovery journey with Notion?

I know if can seem very complicated in the beginning. That’s why I made this easy-to-use planner suitable for someone who has just started using Notion. You can keep a track your basic tasks, get an overview of the upcoming weeks and the month, and much more with this planner.

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Who is this for?

  • Beginners in Notion
  • You love staying organised but also like to keep aesthetic
  • Know yourself better by tracking your tasks
  • Play around with Notion and grow your organising skills

You will find:

Routine Overview

  • What are the daily chores you do in the morning, afternoon and at night?
  • Would you like to change something about your daily routines?
  • Do you wonder why you don’t have the time for your hobbies?
  • You can breakdown your daily chores according to time frames to get an overview how to spend and save your time better.

Task List + Calendar

  • What about the tasks you have to do today or is due tomorrow?
  • The checklist is made for immediate tasks that you want to see popping on your planner so that you do not miss out.
  • Do not feel shy to mark it RED, if it is too urgent.

Month Overview + Calendar

  • The month overview contains checklists broken down into weeks.
  • You can mark the upcoming tasks beforehand to stay prepared.
  • Do not forget to add your weekend parties as well!
  • You also get a calendar in case you want to add more details to the tasks in the form of pages.

Meal Plan Ideas + Table

  • This includes:
    • List to dump your breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas
    • Table where you can track your meal plan for the week
    • A grocery list to track the items you require for your meals

Journal + Vent Corner

  • This space is dedicated for you to know yourself better
  • You can describe your mood, write about the best versions of yourself, and where you can improve
  • You can get an overview of your financial, health, and career goals in a year broken down into a week, a month, 6 months and a year
  • Tip: You can add a page for each goal and describe your goals in detail
  • Had a bad day? The Vent Corner is made for your low times, when you want to get something out of your mind. Take the time to express whatever you want. Then, recognise the red flags, define the source of your problem, and think about the next step

Terms and Conditions:

This license is intended for individual use exclusively. It is prohibited to share, resell, or utilize segments of this template as content. Feel free to share the download link with others, enabling them to obtain the template individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this compatible with a free Notion account? Absolutely! After downloading, simply click on "Duplicate" in the upper right corner of the template to add it to your personal Notion account.

Can I replicate specific sections into my personal workspace if I find them useful? Certainly. You are permitted to duplicate and utilize specific sections for your personal use only.

What is your policy on refunds? Regrettably, I do not offer refunds for this template. Once you have access to the link, it remains available to you. If you're uncertain about its suitability for your needs, consider downloading the free version to assess whether the premium version would be beneficial.

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Routine, Task List, Month Overview, Meal Plan Ideas, Journal


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Beginner-friendly Notion Daily Planner

7 ratings
I want this!