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Writing Portfolio Notion Template

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Hello Notion Lovers!

I am Odyssey, a Notion recommended creator from India. I make easy-to-use templates that eases your life and work! Declutter your tasks with my beginner-friendly aesthetic products and fall in love with Notion!

Perfect for content writers, copywriters and bloggers, this template is a straightforward portfolio to show your written work

Who is this for?

✅  You are an online writer who uses Notion

✅  You need an EASY template to show your work

✅  You want room for customization

Here are the features:

✏️  The template includes separate sections where you can describe you, your projects, add your links of your work

✏️  The keyword is EASY NAVIGATION. You do not want your clients to feel lost.

✏️  Customize it easily according to different clients.

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Take a look at the Complete Dashboard for Freelance Content Writers Copywriters Bloggers

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Here are the features:

✅ Profile and Sticky Notes: Add your fiver, Upwork, LinkedIn or any other profile links. Add your upcoming tasks according to their priority on the sticky notes

💼 Projects Overview: Manage the status of your briefs, working files, deadlines, contact details, invoicess and rates!

✍️ Content Writing Brief Template: Get an overall idea of what is expected out of your work in terms of scope, audience, SEO and goal

📝 Copywriting Brief Template: Write copy that converts! Use this template to understand how you can persuade an audience to buy a product.

✏️ SEO Content Writer Template: Perfect for writers, marketers, and bloggers, this template provides a structured framework to create optimized content that ranks higher in search engine results.

✉️ Cold Email and DM Tracker: Elevate your outreach game with our cold email/ DM Tracker. Strategically plan and execute cold emails and LinkedIn DMs to expand your career opportunities.

💵 Invoice Template: Get an easy invoice template ready to be shared! You can download it as a pdf form as well

💰 Rate Chart: Add your rates according to the market and your expertise

📃 Tax: Keep a tab of your taxes that you can easily share with your accountant.

⚖️ Terms and Conditions Template: Add your specifications in the marked areas of the template and share with your client before starting your project. Do read all the details before sharing!

📂 Portfolio: Compile your published work in this portfolio to show your written work

⭐ Testimonials: Add more credibility with testimonials from your teammates and clients

🖼️ Pinterest for Blogging and Moodboard: Promote your blogs on Pinterest to bring more traffic to your profile. Use the moodboard to get the “vibe” on point

🤝 Networking Database: Cultivate valuable connections and manage your professional network seamlessly. Keep track of contacts, meetings, and follow-ups with this dedicated database for your networks

🎨 Would you like a customized template? Click here

Terms and Conditions:

This license is intended for individual use exclusively. It is prohibited to share, resell, or utilize segments of this template as content. Feel free to share the download link with others, enabling them to obtain the template individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this compatible with a free Notion account? Absolutely! After downloading, simply click on "Duplicate" in the upper right corner of the template to add it to your personal Notion account.

Can I replicate specific sections into my personal workspace if I find them useful? Certainly. You are permitted to duplicate and utilize specific sections for your personal use only.

What is your policy on refunds? Regrettably, I do not offer refunds for this template. Once you have access to the link, it remains available to you. If you're uncertain about its suitability for your needs, consider downloading the free version to assess whether the premium version would be beneficial.

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Writing Portfolio Notion Template

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